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South Pacific origins

Cacao beans have been sourced either from our own cacao processing facilities in Makira or directly from high quality farmers. We pay these farmers between 2 to 3 times higher than the bulk cacao price in Honiara.

We store beans in our storage areas in Honiara, Solomon Islands; Brisbane, Australia and beans are also available in Europe from our European distributor Cocoanect.

We are currently supplying a number of high quality craft bean to bar chocolate makers in Australia including Ratio Cocoa Roasters (Melbourne), Atypic Chocolate (Melbourne), Smooth Chocolator (Geelong), Cailo Chocolate (Perth), Metiisto Chocolate (Toowoomba) amongst others.  A small number of other chocolate makers in Australia, NZ and UK also source from the same farmers, however use an Australian Aid program as the broker. This aid program is finishing in 2018.

Contact us to get latest prices and stock available.

Cacao beans available from Brisbane include:

Farmer Robert Waisu, from North East Guadalcanal. Beans are Amelonado variety, box fermented for 6 days and turned every day. Sundried for 5 days.

Photos of Robert Waisu and his cacao solar dryer (Source: Unknown/PHAMA program)

Farmer Agnes Pilopasi from North Guadalcanal. Beans are a mixture of Amelonado, Trinitario and Criollo variety, fermented for 6 days and turned every day. Sundried for 5 days.

Agnes placed second at the inaugural 2016 Solomon Islands Chocolate festival. (The eventual winner was Elsie Zota, whose cacao went on to come third in a dark chocolate bar by Dick Taylor chocolates at the US NorthWest Chocolate festival in late 2016.)

Photos of Agnes Pilopasi at her farm (two photos on right – source: Samantha Rini/PHAMA program)

Farmer Lucy Kasimwane, from Central Makira. Beans are mainly Amelonado variety, fermented for 6 days and turned every day. Sundried for 5 days.

Photos of Lucy Kasimwane at her farm and cacao solar dryer (Source: Samantha Rini/PHAMA program)

2018 Update: New farmers include:

David Kebu (Guadalcanal) – Third place at International Cocoa Excellence Awards in 2015

Kenny Patovaki (Western Province) – First place at Solomon Islands Chocolate Week 2017

Lenard Nahurua (Makira)

Kemuel Gapu (Makira)

Cathliro Enterprise – Black Post co-op (Guadalcanal)

Cathlirl Enterprise – Tenaru co-op (Guadalcanal)


2kg samples are available within Australia for a discounted rate for craft chocolate makers.

For questions, samples or orders, contact us via the Contact page.

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