Welcome to Makira Gold, a privately funded Cacao Social Enterprise dedicated to enabling cacao farming communities in the Solomon Islands to reach their premium grade potential.
We are one of the largest Solomon Islands exporters of sundried cacao beans for specialty markets.
We provide local access to the emerging, premium quality, sundried cacao beans of the Solomon Islands.
We currently supply cacao beans for the bean to bar craft chocolate market in Australia, New Zealand, Europe with other markets to follow.
If you would like to enquire about products or to get a quote, please contact us via our contact page.
Customers include Le Cercle du Cacao (Belgium), Cacao Latitudes (Europe), York Cocoa House (UK), Atypic Chocolate (AUS), Metiisto Chocolate (AUS), Ratio Cocoa Roasters (AUS), Smooth Chocolator (AUS), Cailo Chocolate (AUS), Cravve Chocolate (AUS), Chocolate Artisan (AUS), Ocho (NZ) and Wellington Chocolate Factory (NZ). Other exciting new collaborations are underway.
We can provide a diverse range of cacao beans to suit your flavour requirements.
We are also running projects in the following areas:
Cacao farming – with our extended family we have cacao farms and fermenting/sundrying facilities on the island of Makira in the Solomon Islands.
Cacao co-operative – we have established a cacao farmers co-operative called Biana Bana in West Makira and we work with them to improve post harvest processing to access the specialty cacao markets to provide a fairer and higher price. See video produced by GrainPro here.
Export – We source premium grade, sundried cacao beans from cacao farmers across the Solomon Islands, ensuring quality controls across the supply chain and export these specialty cacao beans from Honiara to overseas markets.
Australian distribution and sales – From Brisbane we sell cacao beans to Australian craft chocolate makers.